trueSpace Extensions

I have for the past one or two weeks been looking at making extensions for trueSpace 5.x (and now also 4.x). At the moment I'm mainly interested in extending the Python language so that previously unavailable functionality becomes, well, available.

For a better tsPython experience don't forget to visit 3dfuel!

The image below was produced using the extension I'm working on at the moment. The extension itself is more or less working correctly, but I want to provide a bit more useful functionality using Python itself (mainly related to the support functions that help define the surface), as the extension only knows about points and faces.


Trefoil knot

Speaker horns

Breaking News! The extension is now available for download! News at 11! Now also available for trueSpace 4.x (only tested in 4.3)!

Update 9/29/01: The extension is now also capable of performing union, intersection and subtraction on objects. This functionality is experimental and may cause a crash of trueSpace and possibly your computer if used incorrectly (see the instructions for more details. It is related to giving incorrect parameters to the functions). An update is now available where it is possible to perform the boolean operations on a set of selected objects instead of by name.

Update 10/13/01: A couple of memory leaks have been removed. A bug in Mesher.unionselection() was also fixed.

The trefoil knot was created using this script.

The speaker horns were created with the following script using this data (please note, I'm not an expert at speaker horns. The script is only an example of how one can use a file containing coordinate information for vertices).

As I'm currently not actively working on further enhancements in the extension (I'm working on some unrelated tsx stuff at the moment) I've decided to put together a page showing the necessary steps for the creation of a tsPython extension, just in case someone feels ambitious.

Lars Nilsson

Page last modified: 08/16/02